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Message Subject Maitreya - Enki - The Unknown American TV Interview - Lake Erie UFO's - Preparing The Way
Poster Handle surcher
Post Content

devil6 damned

half on and half off right

Enki = the dragon in revelation. Enki had a dragonian mother whom came from the sea

His half brother Enlil whom was also a shape shifter and a man whom had many names= Enlil,Samuel the healer,Nicabazarr,and whom we know well in many scripts. He
also went by the name Lucifer.

They are brothers. Two different beings and yet I still feel compelled to say they are both evil yet two different entitles

I wouldnt be surprised now that Enlil retired from being Satan that Enki is the new Satan.

Satan is a job title that gets shifted every century. I met reincarnated Enki in this life. He's worse than Enlil. I wouldn't be surprised Enki is the new Satan but there's many prospects in line that fit Satan's job title now too though. I am biased. I met the prick and can't stand Enki. I bet you if Enki wasn't Satan and the new Satan approached me that even he would be nicer to me than Enki. Enki is just a power hungry prick that even gets mentioned in revelation as the dragon. All these idiots that were kings/horns gave power to the dragon and even though they had no kingdom and only had power for such a little while THEY BELIEVED THE dragons BULL SHIT!!!

Thought creates reality, If you believe black people are "lesser" then go out and your are Mugged by a black guy, you will say see I am right when the truth is that you are just experiencing your own dark thoughforms mirrored back to you by a loving universe.

I know that you have been threw some horrible things but again, I would look to my own beliefs because those are what will manifest and you are filled with FEAR.

Please do not just keep spreading your Fear based thought forms on yet another one of my threads.

The Christ is about LOVE and not so much about FEAR other than seeing it for what it is. Your own darkness.

 Quoting: Michael Lee Hill

wtf is this found it on gewgle
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