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Message Subject Maitreya - Enki - The Unknown American TV Interview - Lake Erie UFO's - Preparing The Way
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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It's all about responsibility. Do you feel yourself responsible for your life?

Let me explain something to you. I am a responsible person. I take full responsibility of my life but when richer people with more power than me come in and constantly destroy anything that I create good in my life then I learned it's impossible to have just a good life. I lose 75 pounds and go to the gym eating right everyday. What did Peter do? He paid someone off with AIDS to come to me. He also paid someone off with MOno to come to me. So what happens?

I get sick,I don't go to the gym anymore. I gain those 75 pounds back because the only thing that used to keep it off was exercise. What's Peter say? He's going to make sure I'm cursed in this life cause in another life I tried to birth Kain again.

They are rich sick fucks! I'm telling you he said those things and did that. So am I responsible? Fuck yes I am, but does that stop that asshole? fuck no! Did it stop my liver from being damaged? fuck no! Did it stop my health from fading right before my eyes? no! It did not. I learned there is sheer evil on this planet and Peter Fraser is one of those men. He also goes around declaring himself God and tries to play God but he isn't. He does too many evil things.
 Quoting: Eve_4000Bc

I think that you had way too much trauma in your life and my heart reaches our to you my dear. But you have to admit, even though some evil people did ruin your health and so forth, you would not be the person you are today. And I really believe that even though these experiences hurt you a lot, they made you a lot stronger emotionally (maybe not physically) and did not break you.

What you have to realize, ( I did and it helped me a lot with my fears and things i was holding back with) is that even though there is sick bastards out there that hurt others and wish bad up on us, they are god creations just like any one of us. God gave us all free will, and some choose to use it for the darkness but not the light. God is not angered by that though, as it was his intention to give everyone out there free will...to do with their actions whatever they please. God loves everyone the same, and you have to understand that even the darkness gets to evolve, as God does not play favorites with anyone. No one gets a pat on the back and is told you were good, and no one gets a kick in the ass and is told hes been bad. People have to come to that on their own... through the free will that god gave them. Because if you know that you should be acting a certain way, even if you don't want to and don't really see the reason to change, and you force yourself to be "good" but inside think the same negative way, you wont really change, and even god can't change your mind. YOU have to realize it... YOU have to feel it...this is where the intentions of people (for me) hold the up most importance. Because you cant fake an intention... you can fake actions... but not intentions...Of course there is dark ones out there... of course there is "evil". That is the point of these experiences we are given... the duality of life...

My advice to you is do not label people as "evil" or "good". Because when you set your mind on something, such as so and so is Evil, you give them power over you in a way, you tell them: yes, you are capable of horrible things... and by admitting it to yourself, that they are "bad" makes it just as so in your reality. What I think is the most beneficial way for people to be is to see everyone as a co-creator. We are all children of god, we are all created by him. What we choose to do with our free will is totally up to us, and even the most evil person in the world can wake up, and realize that his free will can be bent in any direction, its him making the choice to only bend it towards the darkness.

Don't get threatened by their intimidation, that is how they grab a hold of your attention. You see, when you point your focus towards them, mixed in with your emotion of how you feel about them, it engraves into your reality. It becomes what you make it out to be. Their intimidation is really all they have, they will do it just to make you view them as evil, which makes them that in your eyes, so in a way you give them that power. Their mission is not to do bad things to you. It is to instill fear into you. They operate through fear. They know that you wont just let them in, so they create a situation where you are experiencing negative emotions, vibrating at a lower frequency, because you perceive them as "evil" (and that word alone invokes fear in your subconscious) and along with fear they slip in a few other things... And more than anything they hate love. You cannot imagine how pissed they get when they try to do terrible things to you, and all you do is keep loving them in return. Because you see their agenda fails that way. Love makes you vibrate at a higher frequency. They simply cannot succeed in any lower vibrational agendas when there is love involved.

If you ask me personally, I never dismiss anyone as "evil" and never say: "Oh, that person is evil, so imma stay away from them" Because the very reason you are staying away from them IS FEAR. What are you afraid of? they cant corrupt you and make you become evil like them. Stand up to them and instead of looking at what they have to show you, bring out what you have to show them. Face this fear by shining your own inner self, all the love and peace that you are capable of is your inner light. The fact that you are capable of it tells you that you ARE it. which brings us back to labeling someone as Evil. One cannot be evil, you see. Because one is always capable of both, good and evil. If you shine the true light within you, then no one can put it out.
Its like a dark room and a light bulb: leave the dark room on its own and it will be dark, but bring the bulb in and it will light up the room. It doesn't work both ways. The dark room cant make the bulb dark as well. So if anything, when interacting with those kind of people, take the light and as for the darkness and fear say no thank you. YOU can shine your light on them instead of letting their darkness affect you. They ARE what you make out of them. It is in fact a choice - to fear them or to love them. Its easy to love them, you don't need to find a reason, as we are all children of God - Co Creators of our shared reality.

Sending you much love and support.
And always here for you if you need to talk.
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