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Message Subject Maitreya - Enki - The Unknown American TV Interview - Lake Erie UFO's - Preparing The Way
Poster Handle Michael Lee Hill
Post Content
I think this Lord Maitreya might be the Antichrist.
 Quoting: Rash Limbaugh

Give me the benefit of the doubt in believing what I am going to share with you.

The Darkside is planning on you believing that!

I recently had a gentleman enter my life recently as a possible business partner/investor to produce & create my own DVD featuring my footage & story.

I had a trip planned to go to New York to meet my friend Dan Reed, So this person says he would like to go and he would cover the cost of the Trip.

Well while in NY this guy began to act very strange and starting saying some wacky stuff, We were on our way to Dan Reeds concert which was in New Jersey so we were driving and Dan notices this beautiful landscape, this big open field with a forest on the far edge and Dan Says "Wow, Look How Beautiful that is" and this possible bussiness partner says "Ya, Good place to bury somebody!"

Dan was like what the fuck dude? I just said how beautiful that was and you come back with something like that?

He just kinda laughed. I was weirded out by his comment.

The next day as we were sitting outside Dan's apartment and he said something in another language and he touched his forhead and then his nose, then his mouth, then heart twice then he reversed the order back up to his forhead.

And he said this phrase again.

He said do you know what that means?

I said no.

he said we are all one and all is God, I said that is beautiful.

He asked me if I wanted to learn it?

I said sure why not.

He told me to touch my forhead and then my nose, then my mouth, then my heart twice then reversed the order back up to my forhead. And he told me whatever he had said. I don't remember what he said though.

Anyhow, I did that and he then said congratulations, you should really be more care full of what religious hand gestures you perform out in public, When all of this brakes we are going to use the video footage we just shot of you doing that to make a large number of the human population believe you are the Antichrist, what you just did he told me was something to do with some middle eastern religion.

He said how do you think that is going to effect the Positive Ascension?

I was just stunned & a little startled. I thought I do not need this kinda BS energy around me and decided to get this person out of my life.

When we returned home I received an E-mail from an insider friend and he asked me do you realize that that person who took you to upper State New York Works for the same group "SAALM" who met you in Sherman NY?

I thought NO, I did not that.

This same gentleman who I now have learned is Black-Ops calls me a few days later and says he has a friend who wants to hear me play guitar.

I said well first you & I need to have a little talk.

I told him "You know I am in contact with some insiders, They told me you work for the group who met me in NY at that Festival?

His reasons was telling, he said "They are not supposed to be talking about things like that, when I get of this phone I'm going to make a call & they will be dead before morning.

I told him You know I have not passed any judgment until now but if you are throwing threats out like that you sure are not working for the light and I told him that is the last time he would hear from me.

I guess my point is if the Dark side are trying to trick people into thinking I am the Antichrist that must mean that I am not :-)

I am all about Love my friend.

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