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Obama's health care pitch to Democrats: Trust me

Used Car Salesman
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United States
03/07/2010 09:48 AM
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Obama's health care pitch to Democrats: Trust me
When Obama was campaigning he promised that not a dime of federal money would go towards abortion. Then on January 23 2009 Obama reversed Bush's ban on abortion funding abroad. And as we all know, Obama has kept federally funded abortion in his health care plan.

So why would anyone trust the President to keep any of his promises? And as the article linked to below explains, the White House doesn't even have the power for the president to keep his promise. I think the president may be confused as to what power he has.

Obama's health care pitch to Democrats: Trust me

WASHINGTON In private pitches to Democrats, President Barack Obama says he will persuade Congress to pass his health care overhaul even if it kills him and even if he has to ask deeply distrustful lawmakers to trust him on a promise the White House doesn't have the power to keep.

That, in a sometimes darkly joking way, is what the president is telling Democratic House members as he begins an all-out push to coax Congress into passing his proposals despite voters' misgivings and Republicans' dire warnings.

"He made the case, 'Listen, we put in a very hard year working on health care reform and the time for action is now,'" said Rep. Ron Kind, D-Wis., one of several Democrats who met with Obama at the White House on Thursday.

Obama joked that the political battle has contributed to the recent rise in his cholesterol, Kind said, and the president noted how ironic it would be if health care drove him to his grave.

But Obama is anything but sickly these days, making health care pitches Monday in Philadelphia and Wednesday in St. Louis, and instructing aides to address every question or concern Democratic lawmakers possibly can raise.

Some answers, however, rely more on faith than fact. Confronting party unrest on his left and right, Obama is calling for political courage, citing historic opportunities and essentially saying "trust me"chuckle
in areas inherently murky, uncertain and out of his control. The process for getting health care legislation through Congress is tough enough already, and Republicans are determined to derail it.

Obama told House liberals last week that he understands their frustration in seeing priorities such as allowing the government to sell insurance in competition with private companies dropped from the revised legislation. He promised to work with them in the future to improve health care laws, said Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., who leads the Congressional Black Caucus.

"He said, `This is the first step, a foundation that we can build upon,'" she said. "He made a commitment to work with us on all the issues that are outstanding, and there are many."

It's unclear whether Obama can keep such promises, especially with Republicans expecting to gain House and Senate seats this fall.

Obama is asking his party's House moderates to have a different kind of faith. The party's strategy calls for House Democrats, despite many misgivings, to go along with a health care bill the Senate passed in December. Obama would sign it into law, but senators would promise to make numerous changes demanded by House Democrats. Because Senate Democrats no longer have the numbers to stop GOP filibusters, the changes would have to be made under rules that require only simple majority votes.

Republicans are playing on House Democrats' suspicions of their Senate colleagues, saying Senate Democrats may not keep their end of the bargain. The taunts often hit their marks.

[link to news.yahoo.com]

I wouldn't buy a used car from the guy.
Anonymous Coward
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United States
03/07/2010 10:53 AM
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Re: Obama's health care pitch to Democrats: Trust me