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Alice in wonderland is about the souls journey on earth

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 742228
United Kingdom
03/07/2010 03:03 PM
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Alice in wonderland is about the souls journey on earth
Lots of films like star wars and alice in wonderland have ''triggers' and they are channelled films, the ideas are handed to the writers sometimes consciously or unconsciously to the writer by spirits to help trigger an awakening in human beings, there not sinister....

Alice in wonderland is a typical, 'story of our journey on earth' falling down the rabbit hole, representing the mind, the clock representing getting lost in time, the rabbit symbolising logic, chasing the rabbit is chasing logic...

in the original she starts questioning herself then falls asleep and falls down the hole, then goes on a long journey of chasing logic trying to make sense of things until in the end she gets tired and says forget it all, stops fearing and returns to herself.....

just thought id mention it as i seen a few weird threads about this....