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Malachi Martin and the End Times

Anonymous Coward
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United States
03/08/2010 12:02 PM
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Malachi Martin and the End Times
Malachi Martin stated to Art Bell that in the end times a dragon would appear. No link, sorry You Tube has taken down the Martin's interviews with Art just last week. Qualify this scenario, this is the great chastisement and tribulation it is not the end so to speak, yet for all intents and purposes we will call it the End Times.

In one of the interviews, he explicitly implies that dragon(s) will roam the earth. Isn't there a new Children's Cartoon Movie on a dragon? Did not Pastor Lindsey Williams suggest that we observe Hollywood closely for the movies that is put out?

Malachi opined that by 2017 all would be completed. Moreover, those who believe that the 3rd Secret of Fatima holds the key know that in the end "My Immmaculate Heart Shall Triumph". Thus, it could be in 2017 which makes sense. Why? 1717, the Masonic Lodge came into being. 1917, WW1, Russian Revolution, Balfour Declaration, and Fatima took place. Hence, in 7 years time a new era will begin.
Not what the Illuminati elite picture. No, it won't be the Age of Aquaris, or New Dawn; God will intervene to save what is left of humanity and we will be at peace.

Fatima, 3rd Secret, yes, the elite are aware of the coming Chastisement. They were told the contents of the Secret decades ago. When will the Vatican tell us the truth? They should have told us in 1960, now it is probably too late. Whether it is Planet X (doubtful) or the moon, or the Sun we will be chastised. But one day the Chastisement will end and we will be at peace.