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Message Subject Amateur Video Purportedly Shows ´Huge´ Bigfoot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
well of course heīs hung...I mean huge! Well both, actually!

Seriously, I would love to see this film. Iīve always believed in Bigfoot and i think itīs terrible that theyīre trying to say the Patterson film was faked. After he died, of course, when he can no longer defend himself. And Gordon Krantz, the anthropologist that defended the footprints as being real. Man in an apesuit my ass! That thing was real.

I have a perfect way to get to the truth. To the guy who said he planted the footprints in the area. All he has to do is show us the cast of the "bigfoot" he says he used. And it has to have the dermal ridges that match the prints on the ground.

My bet is he canīt do it. Just like the apesuit canīt be produced either. How convenient.
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