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Message Subject Amateur Video Purportedly Shows ´Huge´ Bigfoot
Poster Handle admiral doe
Post Content
unfortunatly bobby clark did get footage of a real big foot. now his life is in danger. these are not the soft cuddlie creatures loved and addored by the berkenstock set. i have seen their savagery first hand.
some years ago after highjacking a commercial airliner I jumped out the back of the plane with a schute and a bag of ransom money. my leg was baddly broken, as i hung in a tree for what seemed like days a group of these animals circled the tree. they pulled me down by my schattered leg. im sure i would have been beaten to death on the spot but as i hopped up on my one good leg im sure they were shocked to come face to face with the first pituatary giant they had ever seen. they dragged me for 45 minutes until we reached a deep and wide cave. certain that i was to become a meal for their females and childern now i was the shocked one as it became clear to me that they only meant to help me back to health. for days i watched their every move, never knowing when i would be the next meal.
i came to enjoy the playfulness of these unexplainable creatures. they groom each other for hours, personally ive never been more tic free and when a yetty female jumps your bones your bones stay jumped. there was that night i was ass raped by a couple of yetty mandingos but it was no worst that the week i spent in the la county jail.four and a half years past before i felt the need to leave. it was the night i watched them tear to pieces a group of francican missionaries, i packed my things. things i had to kill a large male to protect on a hunting outing one day. i left them my hand made stringed instrument, something like a diddy bow, the clan came to love the sound of the strings.
they bother no one if you stay out of thier territory, now this bobby clark damaged a balance mantained for thousands of years. since i now know where he lives it is my duty to return to them to run "tactical" on this pricks demise. i pray there are no innocents in the house. even the most forgiving heart will never forget the sight of a human being torn apart and devoured by these otherwise gentle giants. god save me
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