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Subject Bill Gates: Use vaccines to lower population
Poster Handle Jerusalem News
Post Content
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One of the world's wealthiest men and the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has suggested vaccines as one method of reducing the world's population.

Gates made his remarks to the invitation-only Technology, Entertainment and Design 2010 Conference in Long Beach, Calif. His February address was titled, "Innovating to Zero!"

He presented a speech on global warming, stating that CO2 emissions must be reduced to zero by 2050. Gates said every person on the planet puts out an average of about five tons of CO2 per year.

"Somehow we have to make changes that will bring that down to zero," he said. "It's been constantly going up. It's only various economic changes that have even flattened it at all. So we have to go from rapidly rising to falling, and falling all the way to zero."

A video of his presentation follows:
[link to www.thejerusalemgiftshop.com]
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