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reptillians on video??

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United States
03/13/2010 11:31 AM
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reptillians on video??
You know if you read my other posts im a newbie but used to chat with wio, but pardon me asking, has anyone thought or tried besides all the disinformation to look all over the internet nut youtube, etc for REAL GREY VIDEO for REAL REPTILLIAN not the shapeshiftin and stuff with the bag, or a home made clip of a bilderburg meeting ? If we still cannot get even a glimpse of these things this has to be controlled.. beyond controlled.. i agreed with springmeir, and sitchen then hear sitchin is workin with the reptiles, such confusion, books like one sky to fly in and body snatchers, then one says its all a mistake, its symbolism not reptiles, but yet every time i see a statue of a lion, in a rich area, i wonder if its for MK control