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Message Subject UPDATE! UFO sightings at Euclid, Ohio, over Lake Erie continues now for the NINTH DAY in a row, as reported by MSNBC
Poster Handle ScorpPrincess
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OT but I wanted to share anyway. There is a certain area of Costa Rica, really pretty remote but it's referred to a lot as a "mystical" area and is currently inhabited by locals and American expats who go there to open yoga studios and health food cafes. It's on the coast. I spent a lot of time in that country. The legend is that a strange red light would visit some people at night, and appear to just watch them. It seemed to have no source. One woman we talked to said that she had to ask it many times to leave her alone because she was bloody freaked out by it, and finally it did listen to her and left and never came back. Other people who never met have also been visited by this light. I slept outdoors an hour or so away from there for 2 months and never got a visit. It seemed to be in this one particular area. That area is very strange indeed! I can't explain it. Someone even built what is now a long-abandoned house near the ocean that sure looks to me like some sort of alien-worshipping tower. Lots of paranormal activity there and a huge underground society. I feel drawn there a lot. I feel myself being pulled back there.
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