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Message Subject UPDATE! UFO sightings at Euclid, Ohio, over Lake Erie continues now for the NINTH DAY in a row, as reported by MSNBC
Poster Handle TLE
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Well, this "dope" saw the same unidentified object in the sky last night. It did what it has done for the two previous nights.

This morning I called Buffalo State University and talked to the head of the Astronomy Department. Explained to the professor what I have seen and where I have seen it. He could not give me an easy answer as to what this is/was so he is going to try and find it in the sky tonight if it is still visible and the sky is clear. Lucky for me, he lives within two blocks of my home so being assured that he will see the same thing I have seen should be fairly easy.

I will let you all know what happens.

Anonymous Coward, fitting nickname since you anonymously like to try to humiliate people on a message board. It is a cowardly thing to do. I admit, I feel a bit dopey for interacting with people like yourself, but I am here for a reason, what is your excuse, just to try and be rude to other people? Make you feel more significant?

Oh, and by the way, I am still waiting for you to name me twice that sightings such as the ones mentioned in this thread have precluded some disasterous occurrence. That was your claim wasn't it?
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