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Message Subject UPDATE! UFO sightings at Euclid, Ohio, over Lake Erie continues now for the NINTH DAY in a row, as reported by MSNBC
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Everyone jumps to the conclusion that these are extraterrestrial craft. These could very easily be natural earth phenomenon. The earth core is molten and much goes on that we have no clue of. Same thing with the atmosphere, we know very little actually. For one to know that the earth can give rise to very complex creatures (even semi intelligent ones like ourselves) and then think lights in the skies MUST be aliens is absurd. Same thing with crop circles. Those patterns are very ornate and complex, but compared to a squirrel or rabbit, they are nothing. Don't get me wrong, I think their is life through out the universe, but lights don't equal aliens IMO.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 793891

whatever it is, it sure is interesting to find out more about it. Maybe people are naturally drawn to the unknown because it gives them something new?
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