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Message Subject Faint gate...Obama lying about a protestor being carried out
Poster Handle mathetes
Post Content
Another confirmation form a Rush caller

Well, I was watching C-SPAN yesterday, our anointed one was in Cleveland, and I'm from Ohio, and that was not a fainting spell that the guy was having there. What he was doing, this is exactly what happened, he said, "Get that guy a medic, he needs a medic. I think that guy needs a medic," and the C-SPA N cameras panned over and there's four to six cops dragging this guy out of there. And so they pan back to Obama. And I heard this lady shout out "how dare you" and then he went on with his, you know, same old, same old.

RUSH: You mean a woman shouted at Obama "how dare you," meaning how dare you lie about this?

CALLER: I think it was how dare you stifle this man's freedom of speech because you have a right to not agree with Obama.form a Rush caller

RUSH: Oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. So the guy didn't faint?

CALLER: No! He was being drug off by four to six cops, and him saying that he needed a medic, that was a lie, among many that day. That basically telling the cops to drag that guy out of there, he was disrupting his lie fest,
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