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Message Subject Census Bureau was deeply involved in roundup and internment of Japanese Americans
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hitler used the census to locate his victims.
I just watched a show where liars were trying really hard to convince the audience that the census is not going to be used to send people to internment camps. The very fact that the liars think it is important to convince people of this makes me cautious.

[link to www.acsa2000.net]
ACSA announced the unanimous adoption of a resolution in rejection of IBM Corporation proposed for ACSA corporate membership. ACSA announced that further investigation of IBM's circa 1940's role implementing Automation Schemes and delivering IBM USA manufactured equipment custom designed to facilitate Death Camp Genocide in NAZI Germany, realignment of railroads to transport more than 6,000,000 European Jews to them, and delivery of the Census Documents IBM had collected for Europe's Governments to NAZI Germany so that the Jews could be located "efficiently" constituted conspiracy to commit the most heinous crime against humanity in the history of humanity. Among some 2500 documents, document archives and document libraries cited in the remarkable revelation as "direct evidence of Thomas J. Watson's and IBM Corporation's direct involvement in Genocide, Treason and War Crimes", the resolution condemned IBM for "illegal circumvention of American Law in profiting by and participating in the inhumane genocide and murder of 6,000,000+ during World War II, and contribution of competitive economic and military advantage through computation technology to a regime so murderous and insane that it cost the lives of over 20,000,000 Europeans, namely the regime of Adolf Hitler".
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