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Message Subject U - moon ("laid back" crescent) shows that position of Sun Earth and Moon has changed- update 2012: PROOF!!!! on page 6, new info on page11
Poster Handle emerald_glow
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[link to upload.wikimedia.org]

What's your point? You wish to emphasize your ignorance that the tilt is dependent partly on the orbit angle (time of year) and location on Earth? Done. Yes, that shows the correct phases but it doesn't try to show nor can it, the orientation of those phases as they vary based both on time of year and location on Earth. Always have. Just because you are only noticing this now doesn't change that fact.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9463

...sooo...in other times of the year, or other parts of the world the Moon has always been laying????

I just know the it has never been like that before. In the 70-es, 80-es lived/visited different parts of the world, watched the sky a lot and it was not like this! And lots of people I know on and off GLP says the same.
This is why I updated this thread after a month passed and ask you all to tell/show pics on what you see.
Thank you
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