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Message Subject U - moon ("laid back" crescent) shows that position of Sun Earth and Moon has changed- update 2012: PROOF!!!! on page 6, new info on page11
Poster Handle Astronut
Post Content
Here, an irrefutable video showing the rotation of the sky over the course of 3 minutes sped up into 18 seconds. It's a short video I did of M13 the other night, I just increased the speed so you could see the effect faster. The apparent orientation and rotation of an object in the sky will depend on exactly how far from rising or setting it is.

Moonset to moonset comparisons are only truly comparable if they're equivalent in time to moonset and location. Bottom line is that there's nothing unusual about the orientation of the moon right now and there's nothing unusual about seeing it in a "wet moon" orientation. That Venus occultation comparison proves it; I had set the virtual observer in stellarium to the Philippines to simulate the view. The result came back showing Venus emerging in the same place with respect to the moon.
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