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Message Subject U - moon ("laid back" crescent) shows that position of Sun Earth and Moon has changed- update 2012: PROOF!!!! on page 6, new info on page11
Poster Handle emerald_glow
Post Content
Have you found any dated mid May in say the early 70's?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 973363

I'm 100% positive that if flickr existed in the early 70's I would, especially since sky charting software shows that such a thing happened in the 70's just as it does today.
And just because you can find it on the internet does not make it a truth. So many lies are told here, do not just be gul-able.
 Quoting: AC

LMFAO! Which picture that I linked to do you think is a "lie" exactly? This is hilarious!
Find ten pictures from five different decades in the month of May.
 Quoting: AC

I don't need to, I can know what the moon looked like any given month and place by taking a look at Cartes du Ciel, Stellarium, or any of a number of lunar atlases. I've got a giant f'ing printed lunar atlas from the 1950's which shows the lunar terminator crossing the same exact lunar landmarks that it does today. Sorry, I don't have a scanner that big, but if you want pictures of the moon from 5 different decades go look it up yourself. I gave you plenty of examples already, you ignored them. Remain ignorant if you wish, but there's no proof for the claim that the moon is doing anything wierd, let alone unexpected.
 Quoting: Astronut

The jig is just about up Astro. In the early 80's nasa reported a story about a twelth planet and then the story was killed. Since then there have been massive changes going on in the solar system and with our own home planet.

Thousands of people world wide have began reporting strange anomolies with everything to do with the Earth. The Sun and the MOON.More and more pictures are going up everyday acroos the Internet. Everything is being denied and distorted. Everything. You are here distorting the truth also. Its your job to divide and confuse the masses and keep them guessing.

People trust yourself cause your the only ones you can trust. Island that never existed sinking. Choas on the Planet. Chaos in the Solar system. This board is starting to be very chaotic also. Know this. Enjoy the last 30 days alot. Tie up loose ends and give love. Make love. Get ready and move to safe ground if you can. Trying to convince anybody here on this site that SHTF is a waste of time anymore. Those whom believe have already done somthing about it and gotten ready. Those that haven't made up their minds won't ever and will wait till the last minute. God bless them. For the rest of you do what needs to get done now. Don't waste anymore time here trying to make believers out of the sheep. Once a sheep always a sheep. Thats just the way it is and has always been. Astro is just here to try and control the Sheep and create confusion. That might even be why this whole place was created in the first place. to create doubt and confuse everything thats happeneing. No one will ever now. Trust your instincts.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17834948

Show me where there's "Chaos in the solar system...",

And don't link me to another youtube video. Give me some evidence from credible scientists about this "chaos".

You're out of your depth, don't know what the fuck you're talking about, and are just regurgitating shit you've heard from other Morons.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23651021

Please don't derail the discussion.
This thread is not about chaos, it is about the U moon.
Our claim is based on direct observation, documented by dozens of photos from different people all over the world. In my book evidence from multiple direct, personal observation is superior to "credible scientists",- how about you?
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