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Message Subject U - moon ("laid back" crescent) shows that position of Sun Earth and Moon has changed- update 2012: PROOF!!!! on page 6, new info on page11
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
That's probably the biggest bunch of bunk I've ever read in my whole entire life, and that's saying quite a lot, because we're fed so much during our courses, of which you seem to play a substantial part here on this site!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25480060

You are probably the most ignorant poster here, or you're just the biggest troll here, so it's not surprising it went completely over your head.
So many things to say. Where should I begin? Well, for one thing, field rotation is flawed in your understanding and application because there's a fundamental difference in applying its concept to stars out there which are not at all fixed in orbit to Earth like the moon is. duh!
 Quoting: AC

Field rotation happens regardless of whether the object is orbiting earth or not. Yes, it even happens with ISS:

The moon orbits the earth at a much slower rate than ISS and the effect of its orbital motion on the rate of field rotation is minor. That's why you can track the moon at a sidereal rate and although it will gradually drift out of the field of view, the rate that it will do so is quite slow (I was tracking at the sidereal rate in the video of the moon I linked to in my previous post). There is no fundamental difference; the moon will still rise and set like the stars, it just takes slightly longer than the stars do as it slowly orbits from west to east.
Another thing is that I watched the moon during the whole entire night not a few weeks ago, and at no point did the moon have a different orientation at near the horizon as it did at its highest point in the sky.
 Quoting: AC

Either you're terrible at observing or you're lying. Either way, your claim fails, I've already proven what I said.
Theories are only as good as when they can stand under the scrutiny of real observation. And as such, yours Fails.
 Quoting: AC

[link to www.twitch.tv]
Real, empirical evidence proves me right and shows your claim to be wrong. Where's your evidence? Oh right, you don't have any, just your word which is worth absolutely shit.
Still, it's great to see you back in your full verbose but utterly lacking any real understanding ways.
 Quoting: AC

LOL! You wouldn't understand this shit if I strapped you to a chair and gave you a personal one on one lecture. Thank you for showing to everyone how piss poor your understanding of field rotation is. It's fundamentally different for the moon because the moon orbits earth? LMFAO! You're hilarious! It's truly incredible how idiotic you are. I'm not here to change your mind either, I'm here to laugh at your staggering stupidity and hopefully draw my haters out of the woodwork for a little trap... Thank you, you provide endless entertainment, and watching you step in it again is priceless. Yeah, sure, orbiting objects magically don't exhibit field rotation...

Classic kook nutjob nonsense!
 Quoting: Dr. Astro

haha ahhh...how easy it is to irk the irksome with Truth! Just gets under your skin that we don't just swallow your BullSHIT like any good ole doctor would prescribe us, huh? And are you a Doctor? Not in the slightest. How much then do we take your verbosity? yes, with less than a smidgen that we would put a grain of sand into our meal.


I caps'ed that so you wouldn't miss it, but you probably will in any case. And does your Eye have a video recorder attached to it? What's that? No? Oh, your telescope picked that up, did it? Great.

No one's lying on here, but you Astro.
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