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Message Subject U - moon ("laid back" crescent) shows that position of Sun Earth and Moon has changed- update 2012: PROOF!!!! on page 6, new info on page11
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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You do realize how short "1.26 millionths of a second" is, right? You cannot detect that without sophicated equipment, and its effect on what the Moon looks like is equally insignificant.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17989851

Hey, I recognize you from your style...:-) anyway, I realize it is an insignificant amount - if it is correct.
Now we have something right in front of us, the laid back Moon, that we cannot ignore - you say it is normal, but a lot of us older guys say - it was not like that before.
 Quoting: emerald_glow

Hey, you're wrong about who you think I am. This is my first post on this thread.

We are observing the Moon from the surface of a rotating sphere, and that results in differing apparent orientations of the moon based on where you are and when you are looking. At the time of a First Quarter Moon (that is, 1 week after a New Moon), an observer standing upright at the North Pole facing the Moon would see its right half illuminated (and the Sun would be to the right). An oberver at the South Pole would see the left side of the Moon lit (and the sun would be to the left). An observer at a spot on the Earth's equator where the time was local noon would see the Moon rising (with the top half of the Moon lit), and an observer on the Equator with local midnight would have the moon setting, with its bottom half lit. Four observers, looking at the Moon at the same time, seeing its top/bottom/left/right side lit, depending where they are. The observer on the Equator seeing the Moon rise, would see an apparent rotation during its trip across the sky (from top half lit, to the botton half lit at moonset). that's field rotation. There would be something seriously wrong with the universe if you didn't see that apparent rotation under those conditions. As for the observes at the Poles, they see no field rotation, as they are, in effect, already polar aligned, which Astromut pointed out negates the field rotation effect.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17989851

Save your breath, AC. Moon-tards are immune from facts and logic.
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