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Is Obamacare the final piece in the "Final Phase" puzzle?

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United Kingdom
03/26/2010 08:09 AM
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Is Obamacare the final piece in the "Final Phase" puzzle?
I was chatting to a mate of mine, who is quite high up in Lehman Brothers, in my local pub last night. He re-located back to London when the whole crisis broke, and is now based at Canary Wharf.
We were just putting the World to rights over a few beers, as you do, when I mentioned the "Final Phase" theory that gets mentioned here so often. His mood completely changed just like that. Thinking about it later, it reminded me of when you catch your little one with his hand in the biscuit barrel. That kind of look.
Anyway, I pressed him on it and he said that there had been "rumours of rumours" concerning this between certain people within the banking system, but was pretty well a "no go area". He told me that the whole idea behind the new Health proposals in the USA made no sense to anybody and seems to be the final nail in the American financial system. That would open the World up for other less "philanthropic", (his word, not mine), governments to move in fairly quickly and ruthlessly to achieve the overall sway in the Global economy. His last comment was that the USA, with all its constituents, has been the major ingredient for social and economic balance, and therefore peace, in the "1st World" countries since the end of WW2.
Now, I'm not trying to state any concrete facts here, or scaremonger. It's just that this bloke has always come across as an intelligent, normal, decent fellah in the time I've known him. I have no reason to think he'd lie or try to be sensationalist. Any worthwhile thoughts?

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