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David Frum: Fired from AEI

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United States
03/26/2010 11:06 AM
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David Frum: Fired from AEI
David Frum: The former speechwriter for President George W. Bush was forced from his job at the American Enterprise Institute on Wednesday.

Howard Kurtz reports in Friday’s Washington Post that the ouster occurred one day after The Wall Street Journal criticized Frum, saying he "now makes his living as the media's go-to basher of fellow Republicans" and accusing him of "peddling bad revisionist history."

[link to news.blogs.cnn.com]

I have always hated this fucking PIG and am so happy that things are taking a turn for the worse in his life.

Maybe something bad, careerwise, will happen to his faggot friend Richard Pearle.

This person changed my opinion concerning Canada. Yes.