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COOL-ism, The Cure for a Sick Planet

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United States
03/29/2010 07:02 AM
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COOL-ism, The Cure for a Sick Planet
COOL- ism: The Cure For A Very Sick Planet

More enlightened people are accepting the Philosophy & Science which establishes the fact that everything is connected, unified, whole, or one. This FACT
is the cornerstone of the latest –ISM, COOL - ism. Ignorance of this most profound fact is the primary cause of all forms of disharmony.

Coolism is the unique expression of the Oneness. While each of us is 100% Oneness, we each have the freedom to decide whatever we so desire, and, with that freedom, sometimes we fail to align with the Prime Force, the force of ineffable joyfulness. Instead, we align with The Dark Side, the selfish side, the unloving side, the greedy side, and we make mistakes. We unwittingly harm ourselves whenever we turn to the dark side of our personality. “What? I harm myself whenever I turn to the Dark Side?”

“Yes, you harm yourself because you are Being Without the Oneness, ignoring the oneness, rejecting love and truth, acting as if you are superior to the Entire Oneness, which of course is insanely false, clearly ridiculous. The only experience you create for yourself and the rest of us is experience most of us will judge as either “cool” or “uncool”, depending on how we honestly feel about what you did, are doing, and may or may not be doing later.

The time has come for the people of Planet Earth and everyone else who may or may not exist in our multi-dimensional universe to awaken to the idea that Being Cool is normally the most constructive and joyful way to be. I have carefully studied many of the most famous -----–--ISM’s being worshipped on Planet Earth, and have personally decided that Coolism is the most practical and coolest “ –ism ”.

There is Protestantism, Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Mohammadism (Islam), Atheism, Agnosticism, Darwinism, Creationism, Paganism, Pantheism, Deism,
Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, Fascism, Racism, Luciferianism, etc…You get the idea. While each of these ism’s may contain some beneficial advice, all of them also manage to be horribly misinterpreted frequently producing destructive results.

Plus, there are often a multitude of differing philosophies professed within each of the –ism’s. For example, in the Protestantism category you will find the Baptists, the Methodists, the Presbyterians, the Anglicans, and many other Protestant groups who believe their specific ideas about the nature of God and how people should behave are superior to any other group’s ideas about God and human behavior. Superiority is impossible within the Ineffable Oneness. Superiority is the product of being apart from the Oneness.

One of the biggest diseases and problems for the vast majority of the Earth’s population is the dangerously high degree of Ignorance inflicting them right now. Even worse than cancer, the High Degree of Ignorance demonstrated by the vast majority of Americans has been the result of a very calculated, sophisticated and enormously expensive mass mind control project.

A multitude of extremely sophisticated and nefarious mind control projects have been financed by The Ruling Plutocrats over the past 50 years. Simply learn about the Merry Christmas Institute and Operation Mockingbird for starters. Many believe the Superior General of The Society of Jesus, Adolfo Nicolas is the Highest and Most powerful leader of The Ruling Plutocrats. Is he? Maybe we can all do more homework?

Yes, I realize this may sound insane to you. It always does to those who haven’t done much personal research. The crimes being committed every day against the vast majority of the Earth’s people are not only seemingly fantastic, almost impossible to believe, but the Plutocracy-controlled mainstream media is forced to keep us ignorant by intentionally suppressing the truth.

The simple truth is this Earth-ruling Plutocracy, Reptilian Dracoes or not, is far wealthier and more powerful than most people can even conceive, much less believe.
Most people would tell you that Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, or some Mexican telecommunications billionaire are the wealthiest people on Earth, each worth from 50 to 75 billion dollars. This, of course, is ridiculous.

The total net worth of all three of the billionaires named above represents maybe 3-tenths of One Percent of The Rockefeller’s Family’s Net worth. And, the Rockefellers are allegedly worth maybe 25% as much as the Rothschilds. Some report the Rothschild Family is worth at least $100 Trillion Dollars, that’s with a “T”. Other researchers allege the Rothschilds could be worth as much as a Quadrillion Dollars, that’s with a “Q”

I mention two prominent members of The Ruling Plutocracy , The Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, but there are several other families with similar money and power. These are the people calling the shots, not the President of the United States, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, or any other politician. The Ruling Plutocracy is totally responsible for the economic mess the world is in today. They intentionally planned it and made it happen.

The Modus-Operandi of this Ruling Plutocracy is to use Fear to gain control over the world’s population, arrange, finance, and manage the central banking of the world, all wars, the drug business, the sex industry, slavery, arms sales, the medical establishment, the security (prison) system, all military and intelligence operations, all media and entertainment programming, all the natural resources, and everything else of substance and value.

This Ruling Plutocracy has been managing all significant global affairs for at least the past 187 years, ever since 1823 when the Vatican formed a financial partnership with the Rothschild Banking Dynasty. This formidable alliance has had a firm control over the reins of world power for nearly two centuries.

Their use of Fear to inhibit and enslave us has been orchestrated masterfully. They can afford the best and the brightest to effectively program us with their massive media and entertainment network. They have probably been utilizing Nano-Technology to enslave and control us for many years, while we remain totally ignorant.

The bottom line is that this Ruling Plutocracy is Delusional. They honestly believe they are vastly superior to the great majority of the world’s people. They have been actively involved in numerous Eugenics Projects for many years too. They refuse to accept the idea that the loving aspect of the oneness is more powerful than the fearful side of the oneness. This is their fundamental error.

They would love to see virtually every Black person, Asian, Indian, Latino, and anyone else who isn’t white, and preferably a Catholic, dead. That’s right; they would love to see at least 6.5 Billion of us DEAD. That would leave about 500 million people on Earth, a far more manageable or sustainable number of people.

Population reduction is always on their agenda. They love using vaccines to implant various diseases and Nano-sized electronics within us. Their agenda is much sicker and more twisted than anything you can possibly imagine.

Now that I have painted a picture of the incredible ugliness of our wealthiest and most powerful people, let’s explore the advantages of their Being Cool instead. Instead of using unloving behavior to create the Fear needed to limit and enslave us, the Ruling Plutocracy would experience far greater joy and true success by replacing Fear Motivation with Love Motivation.

That’s it! That’s all that is required. Choose to be loving instead of being unloving. That’s it! That’s all they need to do. A careful analysis of others who have already made this choice reveals the fact that it always works better.

Look, let’s simply be honest, shall we? I mean, can anyone honestly say they would rather be unhappy and destructive than to be happy, peaceful, and productive? Wouldn’t you have to be insane to prefer misery and destruction? Of course! Therefore, the Ruling Plutocracy’s present agenda is horribly flawed, therefore clearly erroneous.

The choice to be loving is ALWAYS the wisest choice. Why? Because the loving choice always produces more pleasant results than the choice to be unloving. This is ALWAYS the case! You would think that otherwise intelligent beings would readily notice this obvious truth. However, they remain blinded to this truth by some form of very powerful yet horribly destructive programming. They have been thoroughly programmed with the false and destructive belief to fear love.

Since the truth eventually breaks through this false belief and transforms the demon into a saint, the Ruling Plutocracy simply needs to be exposed to this truth, the truth of Cool-ism in order to be re-aligned with the Prime Cause, the True Mind of The Oneness.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for a courageous pioneer in the mainstream media to start telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? That would be a wonderful demonstration of Cool-ism. This can cure our diseased planet.