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Message Subject Illuminati Card Game - HELP SOLVE THESE CARDS
Poster Handle Riker
Post Content
Church of the Middle American seems pretty simple to me - the christian dogma/societal dogma basically sets things up as anyone who believes in UFOs is crazy. Or, extraterrestrials, rather.

Church of the Middle American is referring to the established norms within the social construct we inhabit, from which many are afraid to deviate.

Just my two cents

Very good assessment. But it could also be interpreted as they worship flying saucers without knowing it.

"They still won't get it even when the saucers start flying in..." is the quote or something like that on the card.

I'll think about what you said, and see if I can dig anything else from that card.
 Quoting: ZTE

I think it means that Jesus was an "alien" of some sort... that the rapture will be like a mass abduction or something.
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