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Message Subject Illuminati Card Game - HELP SOLVE THESE CARDS
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Let me put it another way. The FBI PRETENDED to confiscate his cards, the cards were taken with every intention of giving them back. The event was designed to create an opportunity to create a legend, a story that was created about the guy THAT ISN'T REALLY TRUE. Wrap your head around how corrupt the whole system is for this to have happened.

Thought crossed my mind, but it seems unnecessary. He would have been a legend either way.

Secondly, they actually did take his stuff, because he had to go to court to get them back. Now he could have "known" they would take it according to your theory though.

Whatever the motive, the fact remains it is a smoking gun proof that the events on his cards were predicted. So, I hold the original set of 100 or so cards to be the most-accurate. Anything after the original 1995 set still could be just as accurate, but to me they appear to be more "made for playing the actual game" rather than warning or foretelling of future specific events. But we won't know until after things have happened.
 Quoting: ZTE

I think a more straightforward way to say it is that the perps are TELLING US all the possibilities of what they ARE GOING TO DO.
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