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Message Subject Illuminati Card Game - HELP SOLVE THESE CARDS
Poster Handle crazycanuck
Post Content
ZTE, I've noticed many times before that Postman has zero tolerance for conspiracy theories, making this a rather odd place for him to be. i think one of the many mind-fuck experiments here is the role of "conspiracy forum moderator who doesn't like conspiracies", just to see how we react to that. either that, or he's just a strange guy.
The purpose of the card game could not be more clear. I think we're all with you on that.

Who says I don't like conspiracies? I'm fascinated with the
myriad forms of passionate credulity that you find a plethora
of on GLP.

Wouldn't this be a boring place if everyone only agreed with
each other? Don't you want to have your intellect challenged?
That's why I'm here, along with how much I love the eclectic
alacrity of GLP. This is so much more than a conspiracy web
board. Once you've been here a few years it's a family.

So, I take it I'm the only one on this thread who has
actually played the game and been familiar with it since
it was first offered almost 30 years ago?
 Quoting: DrPostman

No, I've played it lots of times. It helps set the tone if you've read the Illuminatus Trilogy (helps make "the rules" of play more understandable). There were 4-5 of us that played it once a week or so for quite awhile in the late 80's. I still have the game in its original box, it's in pretty good shape. We had loads of fun with it. Of course now that it is literally coming to pass, it isn't quite so funny ha-ha, but funny ironic. I read the trilogy again a couple of months ago and was quite surprised how well it's held up (in that it came out in the 70's), it was still a hilarious and informative read too! Haven't played the game since maybe mid-90s.
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