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Message Subject Illuminati Card Game - HELP SOLVE THESE CARDS
Poster Handle SouljaBoyTellEm
Post Content
Wow people. Again we have idiocy.

The only one which seemed to attract any attention from me at all was the WTC nuke card, even then there were bombings of the WTC before 9/11, even before 1995 and everyone was talking about how its a big target, so yes its not quite hard to imagine it. Even then, it wasn't nuked.

The rest either don't have their facts straight or are taking things way out of proportion (like comparing the epidemic card to swine flu).

So are you seriously saying that the Bill Clinton, specifically named, and the Al Gore card Specifically named, was done in 1955???????
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 949691

No read them 1995 not 1955
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