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Articles of Freedom 2009

User ID: 930929
United States
03/31/2010 05:01 PM
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Articles of Freedom 2009
 For decades, our Government has been meddling in the internal affairs of other countries, without
any Constitutional authority, causing foreign nationals to direct their hostilities towards us, which has
given us a War on Terror and a growing Police State that is repugnant to the Fourth Amendment and
the General Welfare of a Free People;

 For decades, we have had undeclared wars in violation of the War Powers clauses of Articles I and II;

 We are now gifting and lending public money and credit to private corporations for decidedly private
purposes (corporate welfare), without any constitutional authority, whatsoever;

 We have a fiat currency, in violation of the money clauses of Article I;

 We have been emitting trillions of dollars worth of Bills of Credit through or under the auspices of the
Federal Reserve System in violation of Article I;

 We have been incurring trillions of dollars worth of debt for the payment of expenditures for
programs and activities that are not enumerated in Article I, and therefore not authorized;

We have a fraudulently ratified 16
Amendment in violation of Article V, a direct, un-apportioned tax
on labor in violation of the tax clauses of Article I, and a judicial system that refuses to consider the
evidence, in violation of Article III;

 For decades we have had unenforced immigration laws in violation of that mandate, plainly-worded
in Article II, that requires the President to “faithfully execute” all the laws passed by Congress;

 We have a President who apparently is not a natural born citizen, a violation of Article II;

 We are counting our votes in secret, as all machines do, in violation of our constitutional right not
only to vote but to know that our votes are being accurately counted;
 We have an absence of well-regulated state militias, and we have federal gun control laws, all in
violation of the Second Amendment;

 For decades, in violation of the sovereignty clauses of the Declaration of Independence, the United
States has been entering into treaties, contracts and relationships with foreign entities, and giving
authority to international bodies, dissipating, destroying and undermining America’s sovereignty;

 We have private land being taken for private purposes in violation of the Fifth Amendment.

 We have a Government about to become a provider of Health Care, and about to order the People to
purchase a product, powers that are not enumerated in Article I, and therefore not authorized.

 We have money bills originating in the Senate, in violation of Article I.

 We have a Senate that is using a supermajority vote to decide whether to enact a law, without an
amendment to the Constitution, all in violation of Article I, Sections 3 and 5, and Article 5.
These violations have challenged the Constitutional Republic of the United States and Her
People to Its core.
Above all, we have government officials who, for fourteen years, and more, have refused to
honor their fundamental obligation to respond to the People’s First Amendment Petitions to
Redress these violations. I call this the “capstone grievance.”
It is well settled in American Jurisprudence that if anyone has an obligation to respond and he
fails to do so, his silence amounts to admission. It is also well settled that any Right that is not
enforceable is not a Right – that is, with every Right there is a Remedy. However, the
Constitution cannot defend itself. It is the duty of the People to defend it.

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