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Message Subject Alexander the Great : Greek or SouthSlav
Poster Handle Nick the Greek
Post Content
FYRoM must recognize the Greekness of the ancient Macedonians in solidarity with the International academic community.

FYRoM must recognize Alexander the Great as the Greek king of Macedon in solidarity with world academia.

FYRoM must respect the Seniority of the Greek speaking Macedonians over FYRoM's Slavic speaking Macedonians for the Greek speaking Macedonians walked a Million miles and never strayed from the Hellenic path whereas the Slavic speakers strayed.

FYRoM's Slavic speaking Macedonians played No part in the Hellenic development of the proto-Macedonians, they missed-out totally on this part of Macedonian history.

Claiming Alexander the Great for their ancestor, when FYRoM's ancestors strayed-off on a Slavic evolutionary course does not entitle them to his legacy...It's as simple and as basic as that!

In reality FYRoM's Slavic speakers have no earthly connection or natural relationship with the land of Macedonia or the people of Macedonia prior to the 6th Century A.D.

The Greek position has always been...FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are Macedonians only in the regional-geographic sense, not in the ethnic-racial sense or National sense or in the cultural or linguistic sense.

Macedonians are the Greeks who's ancestral forebears spread the Greek-Hellenic language knowledge and culture to the farthestmost regions of the then known ancient world...FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs did not participate in this crucial period of Macedonian history.

The Hellenistic period of classical history is named that way based on Alexander the Great spreading Hellenism...Not Slavdom!

I have always said...FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs ridicule and humiliate Greeks and Hellenism because they were born that way and kept that way, bred for purpose, raised as fervant anti-Greeks in compliance with a Slavist agenda dating back to the establishement [1878] of the Bulgarian Exarchate!

Greeks have proved beyond a shadow of doubt...FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs are Not Macedonians, at least Not in the Greek sense of that word and somebody needs to tell them that!
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