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Message Subject Alexander the Great : Greek or SouthSlav
Poster Handle Nick the Greek
Post Content
Macedonia:The Class of 1944

Schools in Macedonia, I mean, in the Macedonian region of Northern Greece, continued to teach in the usual manner, the class of 1944 learned the same stuff as the class of 1943...Macedonians are the Greeks who's ancestral forebears
spread Hellenism, the Greek-Hellenic language, knowledge and culture to the farthestmost regions of the then known ancient world. Even during the War years Greek children were learning the standard educational curriculum which was established through-out the whole of Greece.

The class of 1944 in selected Schools in the old-Yugoslavia however, went through a preplanned switch-over period, a language shift so to speak, where text-book Bulgarian changed from standard Cyrillic to accomodate some Serbian influences. Schools in the Vardar region of South-Serbia during the autumn of 1944, witnessed a strange educational phenomenon. The introduction of a new Slavic language necessitated the printing of some new text-books to cover all the curriculum subjects in the new language. Slavist philologists from the old-Yugoslavia created a new SouthSlavic language from Serbian and Bulgarian and named it "Macedonian language." The population of the Vardar region of South-Serbia during this period of time were Bulgarian speakers in the main, they spoke a western dialect of the Bulgarian language and used the same Cyrillic script as the Bulgarians used in Bulgaria.

Why Slavist philologists from the old-Yugoslavia would go to such lengths to create a new "so called" Macedonian language from Serbian and Bulgarian became very clear a year later when in 1945 that Vardar region of South-Serbia dropped the Vardar bit from it's name...South-Serbia became
The Socialist Republic of Macedonia. The decision to rename the Vardar region of South-Serbia to "The Socialist Republic of Macedonia" was taken in order to compliment the creation of a Macedonian language just a year earlier.

In the Slavist Schools of the old-Yugoslavia...The class of 1944 witnessed the introduction of the renaming of their existing Bulgarian language to Macedonian language with some new text-books to endorse and validate it's legitimacy into the school currilculum. From 1945 onwards, school children in the old-Yugoslavia and specifically in the Vardar region of South-Serbia were taught to think of themselves as Macedonians because now, they speak Macedonian and live in Macedonia. With each new year's intake of fresh pupils and students, Slavist revisionist pseudo-historians began to systematically Indoctrinate young Slavic children with the Idea Alexander the Great and the ancient Macedonians from antiquity were their Macedonian ancestors. Young Slavic children from Serbian and Bulgarian stock were taught to think of themselves as Macedonians and to think of ancient Macedonians as Slavs.

From 1945 till 1991...two generations of SouthSlavic children were raised with the Idea they were real and proper Macedonians and Alexander the Great was their ancestor. FYRoM detached itself from the old-Yugoslavia and claimed it's Independence 1991 under the name Republic of Macedonia, when they knew full-well and in advance the Greek position on this matter.

From 1991 onwards FYRoM used dirty propaganda to rubbish the Greeks...racist propaganda and genetic propaganda were used to humiliate the modern Greeks in addition to other forms of propaganda such as Turanid and Slavist historical revisionism as well as Afrocentric propaganda. FYRoM's toxic, vehement and virulent anti-Hellenic propaganda served only to alienate the Greeks, I mean, Slavist historical revisionism sensitized the whole Greek-Hellenic nation and the Greek global diaspora against FYRoM.

The Class-rooms of 1944 Macedonia...I mean, the real and proper Macedonia in Northern Greece where young Macedonian children were learning the standard Greek curriculum in their innocence had to contend with a Northern Slavic Ideological threat which was planning not only to take Macedonia away from the Greeks by military means, but to take that very name in order to make it Slavic. The Greek reaction to Yugoslavia renaming it's South-Serbian Vardar region in 1945 to Socialist Republic of Macedonia, was to complain but that complaint was quickly rejected for political expediancy reasons.

Greeks were buffered from the Communist countries of Eastern Europe for two generations with hardly any contact, but from it's demise...Communism gave way to freedoms and human rights to a peoples who took those rights and freedoms to mean they could oust the Greeks from their Hellenic ancestral base, by using historical revisionism and pseudo-history. FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs can trace their beginnings back to the settlement of the Slavic tribes when some of their anciestors decided to lay down some roots on Imperial Byzantine soil, they are not the Macedonians they think they are or were told they are and we need not investigate that far back into dark-age medievil history, when just two generations ago they were speaking Bulgarian and living on Serbian land when in 1943 they buried their loved ones using the Bulgarian Cyrillic script, evidenced on the tombstones of their dearly departed.

The marker point in history when we could easily and clearly point-out the switch-over point, when language shift occured from their original Bulgarian to "so called" Macedonian was in 1944. Before 1944 FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs spoke Bulgarian proper and buried their loved ones using the Bulgarian Cyrillic script to epitaph their Tombstones.
Less than fifty years ago, we find evidence of FYRoM's Bulgarian Identity in the classrooms of 1944 and in the graveyards of their dearly departed.
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