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Message Subject Alexander the Great : Greek or SouthSlav
Poster Handle Nick the Greek
Post Content
FYRoM's territory was never part of the ancient Macedonian Kingdom lead by Phillip and Alexander. FYRoM carry's that name today, courtesy of the latin-Romans, by virtue of the fact "Macedonia" was extended by them to cover much of ancient Dardanian and Paeonian lands centuries after Alexanders the Greats death. The Slavic speaking peoples of FYRoM have no right to use a Greek-Hellenic name for their new Slavic country, nationality, language and ethnicity to describe themselves.

There is a dark-sinister side to this name dispute between FYRoM and Greece...dark enough to warrant scrutiny. Layer after layer we witness FYRoM's Bulgarian past incrementally peeling-off, and along-side with that comes fact after fact complimenting evidence after evidence proving beyond reasonable doubt, Macedonians Greek-Hellenic Identity.

If not for the right of self-determination, FYRoM can not invoke, draw-on, employ or fall-back on any further rights to legitimize it's claims to the much vaunted Macedonian Identity FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs covet so much because quite simply, there are no further rights to invoke. The basis on which FYRoM claims Macedonian Identity rests on the one singular universal right to self-dermination. FYRoM can not invoke autochthonous rights nor draw-on historic rights prior to the 6th Century A.D. neither can it employ rights to protect it's linguistic or cultural heritage for they to, date back to the settlement of the Slavic tribes into the Greco-Roman world.

Dark and sinister then...to watch FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs [[Serbians][Bulgarians]] push for a Macedonian Identity they have No rights to, other than the one singular universal right to self-determine as they wish or see fit.

Why do Slavic speakers from the old-Yugoslavia, from Serbian and Bulgarian stock, wish for, or see fit to use, the Macedonian name for their new Slavic country, nationality, language and ethnicity. FYRoM has No historic, linguistic or cultural right to invoke in order to legitimize it's want of a Greek-Hellenic name.

More darker and more sinister is this:

Why do FYRoM's ex-Yugoslavs want to specifically use the "Macedonian" name in the ethnic-racial, national and cultural-linguistic context when all these Identity factors are proven to be Greek-Hellenic.

Spooky, right!
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