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I love the illuminati and the illuminari

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 933078
04/03/2010 07:05 AM
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I love the illuminati and the illuminari
Without darkness, how can you know light? Without being shown the light, how can you gravitate towards it? Without gravitating towards the light, how can you learn and evolve?

I love the illuminati and illuminari. Not in a worship or above myself sense, but simply as my equal and my friend. Not one person on this board can claim that they have not done something that was dark or bad, because everything that is light has a little dark, and everything that is dark has a little light.

i personally believe the illuminati and illuminari are here to help humanity to evolve until they are no longer needed. Can you imagine where we would be today if 9/11 and Afgan/iraq wars didnt happen? Still walking in circles scratching our heads, buying, destroying, people wouldnt have hit the switch to say 'no,there is another way'. Until these events occured, so few would have seen the darkness around them.

It isnt about good or evil, left or right, etc.... Its about ending the duality in all things, and realising that changing this world is going to come from within us, not without. Without the illuminati and illuminari, we wouldnt be evolving now, and as the serpents combine, we will end all duality and be ready to create our realities.