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Armless woman sews with feet.

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04/07/2010 01:13 PM
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Armless woman sews with feet.
[link to www.myfoxla.com]

CANVAS STAFF REPORTS) - Every day, Liu Jianming sets up shop on a street corner in southwest China and sews. Her embroidered designs are painstakingly created with her feet.

Liu was born without arms but has been a seamstress since she was a teenager, the Austrian Times reported.

She can't afford a shop, so Liu works from a corner in the city of Kunming Yunnan. She creates embroidered pictures and accepts any sewing jobs she can find.

"I'm quite proud of my work," she told the Austrian Times . "People are always skeptical that the creations are all my own work when they first see them but once they've seen me threading a needle then they lose all doubt."

Liu said that now she was getting older it was getting harder to sew.

"I still don't have any problem using my feet to sew the problem is my eyesight is not as good as it used to be and it's hard to see the thread," she said.

Liu's achievement places her among many people who not only transcended a disability but also excelled.

In the last century, another woman born without arms became an acclaimed artist.

Mary Belle de Vargas drew, painted, typed and sewed with her feet. Although the Louisiana woman's health was frail, she graduated from college and served on several local arts organizations until her death in 1946. De Vargas was 44 years old.

Listverse.com lists extraordinary, or "differently abled," people that includes Stephen Hawking, Helen Keller, Ludwig van Beethoven and blind athlete Marla Runyan.