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I Dreamed of talking to Obama before a speech at a H.S.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 826023
United States
04/07/2010 04:20 PM
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I Dreamed of talking to Obama before a speech at a H.S.
3/27/10 I had a dream where I was talking with Obama before a speech he was going to give at a high school. The gymnasium was filled with electricity and all the bleachers
were packed just like it was gym night.
The stage was draped all in black,
a presidential podium was there as well.

We were in a room with other journalists which had gotten their pre press release rhetoric so they were all just milling about.
I just went up and asked him why was he doing all these things?
He told me he only has a little bit of time.

He showed me an scholastic educational book that's going to be used in schools.
It had the colors of the rainbow on it somehow and the edge of the pages were color coded as well according to the class subject.

I began pondering the dream and believe the Holy Spirit also revealed to me the book will be imbedded with an RFID chip. Classrooms will have some sort of wireless transmitter. Tuned to a frequency in the brain it will be truly be mind programming.

With love to all,
Yashua is coming quickly.

Research Into Use of Radio Frequency Waves in Cancer Treatment:
This is no accidental death,The guy was onto something
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