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Message Subject ***Another Shoe-Bomber Stopped On United Flight To Denver!! A Quatari Diplomat!!***UPDATE: He Was Headed To Meet With Jailed Al-Quaida Agent!!***
Poster Handle Inita Richman
Post Content
and what were the f16s going to do--shoot down the plane, for smoking in the boys room?

do you know what it costs to rev up a pair of f16s?

stupid response to a lacking common sense overreacttion by the sky marshall, who was just dying to finally be able to shoot somebody and be a hero--and now is clearly an asshole who cost the taxpayers a fortune, and a couple hundred ordinary passengers a lot of inconvenience, over an unquestionably bad joke

You need help dude! I guess you don't think the jackass that lit a cig is to blame, just the least little bit???

sure it was stupid--but again, what were the f16s going to do--spray air freshener?

typical pig overreaction, like they often do when challenged at any level from the simple traffic stop on up
arrest the guy for smoking in the forbidden zone, sure--but call out the air force and make a big show?
what were f16s going to do, even if there was a bomb surgically implanted in the diplomats breast implants, as recent "be really afraid and don't question out gate agents feeling you up" ? propaganda would suggest.
I got groped by a dyke bitch in a tsa uniform making minwage just the other day flying out of pbia
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 937369

I will agree with you on one thing, scrambling the F16s has never made much sense to me, what are they gonna do? Shoot down a plane with 183 people on board. Do they think they would scare the person, IF it had been a terrorist? I doubt it.
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