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Message Subject ***Another Shoe-Bomber Stopped On United Flight To Denver!! A Quatari Diplomat!!***UPDATE: He Was Headed To Meet With Jailed Al-Quaida Agent!!***
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Personally I think all persons from embassy's in Muslim countries should be subjected to a full body search and an MRI before being allowed to get thru security. Wouldn't be a bad idea to give them a powerful laxative to purge out whatever they may have concealed inside, too. Maybe a laxative that would keep them on the toilet for the duration of the flight? "Pity your ambassador died of dehydration en route, sir. We're so very sorry!"

I am so sick of these hate filled MUSLIMS wanting to bomb, kill, destroy the west anyway they can. Too bad Obama will never have the balls to nuke one of their shit countries back into the stone age and keep them there for a 1000 years or so... doing so might just dissuade the rest of them from continuing this shit!

Hell, I even feel sorry for the camels they ride/own/beat.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 642285

what muslim country has shock and awe bombed a country that didn't do shit to it, like we did Iraq, based on bs and lies, for israel?
we killed a milliomn of them and pissed away a Trillion borrowed dollars.
And wht did the afghans we kill daily do to us?
Did they invade someone?
don't give me that 9/11 crap either we were happy buddies with the Taliban until the summer of '01 when they wouldn't take our deal to let the TAP pilieline run across their territory, amd the long-dead Osama was our "mujahaddein" "freedom fighter" when we funded him to bog down the Soviets there and cost them a Trillion--now we are bogged down and it is your grandchildren's borrowed trillion..
only the US and Israel invade and slaughter people in other countries
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