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Message Subject ***Another Shoe-Bomber Stopped On United Flight To Denver!! A Quatari Diplomat!!***UPDATE: He Was Headed To Meet With Jailed Al-Quaida Agent!!***
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Dude was just trying to sneak a smoke --For real False Alarm.

Boy people are really on edge. I remember they used to smoke on planes not to long ago. Now you get a Military jet escort for smoking. This government has done a good job of scaring the hell out of people!

They just had it on the nightly news here.

They are preparing the sheeple for a "false flag" event damned

poisoned newports?

a toxic cloud of secondhand smoke?

OK let me spell it out for you.

On the TV news they use the words "terrorist event" over and over again, planting the thought in the minds of the sheeples.

Do you understand, if not, which part don't you understand?

 Quoting: neverfear

i get it
propaganda for the rubes
repeat the lie enough times it become true...
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