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I wanna know the Real truth about Aliens, EBE´S, end times..and I can very well handle it

An Outsider
04/29/2005 10:01 AM
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I wanna know the Real truth about Aliens, EBE´S, end times..and I can very well handle it
NSI Insider said

There is a rumor at this office for years, that one such timetravel observation was back to the cruxifiction of Christ. The agent reported that, although he was not observed by anyone, and did watch the actual cruxifiction of Jesus Christ, Christ turned his head on the cross, looked directly at the agent, and said. I see you, and I know you. You are not of this time. He referred to him by his first name. It was decided long ago, that God exists, as does the Christ, and the fear of many in our government is that there is an intelligent design at work here, and that God is in control of it all.

This sounds very similar as the story of Andy Pero, who was (against his will) involwed in “Project Superman”.

Question: Are you a part of that project? OR have you been a part of that project? Or just like me, do yopu know about this from readings on the internet?

NSI Insider said:

So, this is the big picture I guess. This, is the biggest bunch of secrets. For those not religious, or those that are...maybe this is a nice revelation. Maybe, it will freak you out terribly, as it has done to Presidents, and many figure heads, and government people, to know that when you die, and alien speices awaits your soul, to talk, and guide you onward. Maybe, this doesn´t bother GLP´ERS. I don´t know. Maybe you´ve heard it all.

This si nothing new to me. I knew it from my childhood on. This is in fact the very basis of the Quranic concept of the dead and the “time after that”. As a child of muslim parents I can assure you.. this information is nor new neither shocking!!!

Question: So where is then that shocking news? Every muslim knows this!!!

NSI Insider said:

I have much much more to post, but at this point, everyones wondering (I´ll bet) wheres the revelations. I hope this isn´t disapointing. Maybe many on here are stronger than most, but if you truly believe this, then it is very scary and upsetting.

He also said that presidents went mad after hearing about this.. I wonder why. Because the christian concept of the afterlife involwes also a judgement as far as I know. In those religions its done , on behalf of God, by the angels, in this NSI concept it is done by the greys! Again there is nothing new or shocking about this!!!

So are yopu planning to come up with even more shocking revelations?

Do you read Edgar Allan Poe?


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