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Societies Prisoners

User ID: 937335
United States
04/11/2010 10:47 PM
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Societies Prisoners

Ufos are going over your head
Haarp is playing your weather
Your jobs arn't getting you any closer to freedom
Everything you know is a lie
Your food is poisoned
Your beat with propaganda all day long

And what can you do about it?
What can you do on this forum but bitch about things?

You don't have as much power as you think you do.
And you can't do everything you want.

I hate this culture
and the world today for that matter
I hate this website
as I hate Youtube and Google.
and I hate people.

Most of you are filthy slime.
Face it, your dirtbags.
I guess I could blame in on your jobs,
that shaped your identity and brought you to where
you are today, that crippled and destroyed you, as you
were elluded by false promises and dellusions.
But maybe that isn't true.
Maybe you have just chosen to be dirtbags.
You were so eager for acceptance that you just blindly
followed the ways of the world.
You can't see out of it.
America is prime time hypocracy.
Most of you are fine with your lives
and have just accepted it. Well then, go on.

Just when it seems everything has changed you turn around
and its all the same. Only me, looking back and down on the world.
Why would I want to change anyone? I don't.
But I can't change my life.

This is the end of evolution.
Don't be concieted enough to think I havn't made it that

Im here to attone for all your so called sins.
So start spitting fire.

This is the only and last post I will ever make on this

This is my armageddon.
And my Time end.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 822427
04/11/2010 10:49 PM
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Re: Societies Prisoners
This is the only and last post I will ever make on this
 Quoting: otherworlds13 937335

Okay well thanks for stopping by.