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Poster Handle Disinfo Agent :1941
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Nor does it disprove God, dumbfuck.<<

he he , i love it when you call me names

>>It does show Earth is unique. Did it beat the odds or did it get help?<<

no it doesnt

>>Ignorance is bliss and you are truly happy.<<

looks like it really is bliss on your world then eh.

>>Out of those 9 billion planets only one, Earth, can we definitively prove harbors intelligent life.<<

correct - but i can ask - how many of these planets have we actually visited ? ill tell you - man has stepped on 1 planet only - this one (2 if you want to count the moon)
so why are you assuming life is hard to come across ?

lets make your odds a bit better now and include probes , how many planets have had probes land on them ? 1 actual landing and 2 burn ups in the atmosphere

now unless you know a shitload more than everyone else on this planet - we do not have a clue about what the chance of life existing anywhere else is. it could be a 1 off or we could have life on 3 planets in our solar system alone

knowledge of 1 planet out of (lets use your number) 9billion isnt a good start to claim divine help and that we are unique
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