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Poster Handle The Angel
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Mystics and occultists have long believed that God is multi-faceted, having many different faces. This means that God appears to different people and different cultures as THEY would expect HIM to appear. This is the same concept as is used in AA...of acknowledging YOUR Higher Power as you recognize and understand HIM.

This goes a long way to explain the similarity but differences amongst the world´s faiths. I use the word faith instead of religion. Religion has taken on a negative connotation due in large part to the abuses inflicted upon man by the organized religions.

In order to know your Higher Power you must first be open to it. If your heart is closed to it you will never be able to recognize it. Much like seeing a stranger...this person may be your best friend in the world but if your heart is hardened towards him and you never introduce yourself that friendship can never be sparked.
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