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Message Subject More Questions about aliens.......
Poster Handle QuantumHost
Post Content

"First of all let me say that there are not any fallen anges/aliens that are benevolent. They certainly have the ability to mimic good but the agenda is always the same. They seek the destruction of God´s children through deception. So since they are all the same whether Greys, Nordics, Reptilians, etc. It´s like buying a GM product where they use the SAME FRAME but change the body. All Aliens carry the same evil framework. They are angry with God for kicking them out of Heaven and out of spite and vengance want to destroy His planned workings for the Universe. All throughout the Universe God created plants, animals, insects, etc. He also created highly intellegent indivuals to assist Him in the Universe and on planets. First He created Angels and finally Humans. Angels were created before ANYTHING else was created. This is what any intelligent person would do if they want to build something. You need the proper tools. Angels are the tools for the Universe and Humans are the tools God use for Planets. All angels are the same and All Humans are the same. Anything in between would be Satanic deception disguised as angels of light. Satan is banking on this plan to cause for the destruction of the children of God."

-It is becoming clearer and clearer where you emanate from. First we respect your right to believe in Beanie Babies, but draw the line when you likely become a TOOL of the forces you say educated you. And in the name of the Lord, you judge all non-human species based on your cognitive Jesus goggles? ...well you will have to face those consequences at the gates of passage.

We will pray for you in the name of the universal father, the one that doesn´t demand a union card.

Peace to these reflections...
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