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Message Subject More Questions about aliens.......
Poster Handle CorŽEncha Star Kitty
Post Content
Hello Again everybody! Blessings from your Alien Feline Friends...hugs and kisses.
Now, down to business...
First, Religion is an addiction. It is the hight of arrogance to exert control over others to interpret for them their experince of the universal devine.

Secondly, There are Good people and bad people, good nighbors and bad neighbors. Neighbors that support your view or contradict your view. No mater what you call them. Black, White, Asian, Latino, Christian, Catholic, Buddist, Islamic, Pagan, Human, Andormedan, Zeta Reticulan, Pleadian, Reptilian, Angel, Devil, Nature Spirit, Great Spirit, whatever......

Thirdly, Jesus said to be studied in the word, meaning STUDY, get education, knowledge, experience, etc. Those who do not get educated, and preach only from, and inconjuction with, spiritual sources, are spouting ingnorance.

Fourthly, Jesus said to love thy neighbor, to love thine enemy, to embody the Spirit of Christ and to show the light of Christ in all of your words, work and deeds. The spirit of homophobia, xenophobia, prejudice, being judgemental, and focusing on fear, doom, separatist ideology, is all antithetical to the spirit of Christ.

Fifth. Saying all aliens are demons is akin to saying all Jews are evil, or all black people are subhuman, or all gay people have an anti-hetrosexual agenda....

I will say that some extraterrestrials do act like fallen angels, but so do some people. Take Hitler for example. Hitler did not drink, smoke, proctice infidelity. He was very CONSERVATIVE, RELIGIOUS, Very Right Wing. He was seen as the salvation of the German people. BUT, he waged Premptive warfare, targeted minorities for execution, developed weapons of mass destruction, etc.......

Not all aliens are evil, not all humans are evil. But some are........

Use the ability to test the spirits, and the intent of others, by the fruits they produce.
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