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Message Subject More Questions about aliens.......
Poster Handle Dee
Post Content
Thank you 8877 You are exactly the kind of grab em by the horns commonsense people I love seeing

It is all about distractions and diversions.
But most of us who are paying attention know that.

Trained for This, thank you for being here and for your patience and clear answers.

We fear the unknown, are kept in the dark, alienated from our true identity as Godīs children, to keep us basically weak and subject to manipulations by the forces of evil.
In "all" the many forms it takes. But that just isnīt so obvious to some

Trained for This..

Even though this era is not passing with out abundant signs, how does anyone reach those who refuse to see or listen?
Those who live each day as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening.
They have made up their minds w/ no desire to know God? More or less in denial of all spiritual aspects to creation. Whether good or evil? Just full blown denial.

Are they still reachable and how does one reach them?
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