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Message Subject More Questions about aliens.......
Poster Handle QuantumHost
Post Content
Frame TFT of the following three possibilities...

Explorers – Journeying on life’s experiential trail… some days it is about contemplating the meaning of a word, other times a graceful wander of a meadow of thought… now and then, sailing through the stars to infinite… in search of the source of, WE (sentient species). Nested in, a humble gratitude to the immensity of ALL.

Obfuscators – To bring confusion, for its own sake.

Obstinance – Repetitious acts of resolute adherence to ones own blindness.

Explorers... state thoughts, perspectives accepting that Science is essentially social.
Obfuscators... shape classically simple arguments that can not be easily be refuted while in their obvious simplicity, are false.
Obstinance... is a commitment to cling to a belief at all cost, and enforce that the rest of the world does the same (chaos loves company).

We yield the balance of the continuum...
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