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Message Subject More Questions about aliens.......
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I posted on this bulletin board forum on 5/18/2003 a thread called “Questions about aliens……..”. You may read that thread at:
[link to pages.sbcglobal.net]

I have decided to place more questions that I recently received along with the answers. I do not speculate on the information presented here. I give it as it was given through the leading of the Holy Spirit. If you have any additional questions about the who, what, and why of aliens please feel free to ask. There introduction is soon.

Many are concerned about what is coming our way.

Is a planet coming?
What will become of this Nation called the USA?
What about those aliens?

These and other question related to this issue can be addressed here. May God bless the understanding of all who read this information and I pray you allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you. And of course,

Thanks for asking...........

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