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Message Subject ++++ Astrophysicist warns: Quakes and renewed Volcano erruptions 18-24 April ++++ Rare Shuttle Re-Entry April 19th ++++ Coincidence??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Earth is a giant capacitor in space. And it is well known capacitors have physical pull towards each other.

The Ionosphere is (-) charged from solar radiation interacting, rotation and orbit.

The Earths crust is (+) charged. All electronics will quickly ground to the Earth. This is how we are able to use A/C power. Otherwise we would need a negative sink to allow current.

Look at air motion similar to electron motion in a copper wire. When an electronic charge moves a certain direction, a magnetic spin is induced around the wire. If the flow was moving away from you it would appear to spin clockwise. Same is true in opposite.

Large masses of air near the ionosphere become static and have an inherited (-) charge. This excessive charge pulls the air mass towards the Earths crust, to complete circuit. It spins clockwise and presents itself as a High Pressure Front. The spin is induced by the static charge interacting with the water molecules in the air. Water has a strange electron property. It is inbalanced by the 2 Hydrogen and 1 Oxygen bond. It becomes fluid yet also has a strong bond to each other, molecules. It is naturally extra in an electron.

When the High Pressure Front air begins to run across the ground in air we breath, water molecules in the Earth, dominantly (+) charged, will jump to the air that has a static (-) charge. This is the reason for evaporation.

As the water droplets neutralize the charge, they gain there natural inbalance back and begin to attract to other water molecules near by. This eventually leads to precipitation.

As the water neutralizes the energy and bonds with neighboring water molecules, heat is released. This addition of heat begins the upward motion back towards the ionosphere in conjunction with the natural flow induced by the High Pressure Front being Electronically pulled. The spin is counter clockwise due to the reverse direction of travel. Just like the magnetic field created when a charge travels down a conductor, i.e. copper wire.

And the cycle completes itself.

Though there is an opposite energy to electricity and the public is generally unaware of it. Except for the few in positions of power. When a lightening storm rolls through, film the bolts with a high speed camera. Lightening travels both ways across the sky. The first bolt is small and makes the conductive pathway. This is the 'other' energy. The pathway it makes becomes the conductive route for the electronic charge to short circuit as the main bolt in lightening, the second bolt.

Electricity is entropic
The alternate power is anti-entropic.

The alternate energy must exist or else everything would fly apart.

So in short, the ionosphere and the Earths crust are pushing and pulling on each other. When the Sun blasts out a CME, the system described above becomes turbocharged for lack of better term for it. Even the push-pull effect is intensified.

Magma is also involved. It is more conductive then solid rock.

That should explain it all. These theories are controversial but they have what it takes. Long term weather predictions are possible.

When a CME hits, there will be an increase in High Pressure Fronts at first. But that will slide over to an excess of Low Pressure Fronts as the counter. Groups of 2-4 are common. Meaning, if a large CME hit, there would be several beautiful days of clear sunshine and cooler nights followed by a series of low pressure storms, one after the other. This process reverberates for a while until there is a high/low pressure balance. But the Earths rotation will always prevent a true balance.
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