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Poll: Most Don't Trust US Government

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 676406
United States
04/19/2010 09:12 PM
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Poll: Most Don't Trust US Government
80% of the American people are terrorists.

Poll: Most Don't Trust US Government

04/19/10 6:28 pm reporter: Jeremy Mills producer: Amy Foster

Lynchburg, VA - A new poll shows Americans do not trust the US Government when it comes to doing what's right. Four out of five say they simply don't trust Washington politics. It's the highest level of distrust in nearly 50 years.

Americans are speaking out showing their frustration for political leaders on Capitol Hill. In a recent Pew Research Poll, 80 percent say they don't trust our elected officials.

"They spent all of our money, they're going to get rid of all of our benefits, they're going to just destroy the country," John Howerton of Madison Heights said.

And most believe there's no easy fix.

"You really can't fix it right now, the trust factor. Everybody sees it in their own eyes so you can't tell them what they should think," Marquita Urquhart of Lynchburg said.

"People are not very patient, they've had it so good for so long, that they don't remember like I do, when it wasn't so good," Carol Willis of Lynchburg said.

The poll has caught the eye of our area congressmen.

"I believe what they are asking for is smaller government, less taxation, less government regulation, not the direction we're headed in now," U.S. Rep. Bob Goodlatte, (R-6th District) said.

"I think in this country, a healthy distrust of the government is a good thing, we like the power to reside with the people," U.S. Rep. Tom Perriello, (D-5th District) said.

Perriello believes trust in government can be quickly repaired.

"I think we need to do it by getting our budget balanced. We need to do it by holding these institutions accountable and by going out and explaining what we are doing to the people and listening," he said.

Goodlatte blames the passage of health care legislation as
the single biggest factor explaining why the public has lost faith in its political leaders.

[link to www.wset.com]