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Iceland BECAUSE THEY KNEWAll cash pulled out of of volcanos

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 937913
United Kingdom
04/20/2010 02:11 PM
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Iceland BECAUSE THEY KNEWAll cash pulled out of of volcanos
This is my theory:

In October 2008, it was discovered that the 3 main Icelandic volcanos were due to erupt very soon, within a year or so.

The western investors in Iceland were warned that when this happened, all the money invested in Icelandic banks would be required for emergency/contingency plans to evacuate the entire population, of around 317,000.

The western investors decided to pull their money, quickly, hence the move to get their money out by whatever means possible.

The west (particularly the UK) invoked "anti-terrorism legislation" to secure their monies, and Iceland resisted, knowing they would need the assets deposited there quite soon.

And so here we are know, with one volcano already causing major problems for the airlines in the UK and most of Europe