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There is a common misperception that all technology will work on the same patterns as that we have now.

It is very possible that these folk (if they are there) would have taken a very different path in their technologies.

For instance, they likely do not use the transistor and almost certainly found another way to deal with the problems of vacuum tubes. They use free energy, which means that they likely have a lot of power to work with, one of the needed keys to energy based shielding and weaponry.

If their technology has not been stopped and slowed as ours has…

They could be nearly sixty years, not only AHEAD of us technologically, but laterally to us as well! Given the nature of the research some of these folk had done at the time it is possible as well that they have learned to incorporate mental skills (Psychic techniques) into their technological base.

They may have avoided being nuked, because nukes wouldn’t work on them?

Or perhaps they simply can’t be targeted?

Maybe they would destroy the world if they were attacked?

Take your pick.
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